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Our goal is to provide stats on Kamaaina rates so that more hotels offer discounted rates to Kamaa'ina, and to spur greater rate competition among hotels that already do. Everyone wins when all Kama'aina rates are in one place. Check back for updates and new rates. We hope to create a site that makes finding Kamaaina rates transparent, quick, and easy. Please contact us and let us know about rates we don't have listed or hotels that should offer Kamaaina rates but don't.

Our Kamaaina Stats

Browsing our website will allow you to be better informed while planning your vacation. We examine local Hawaii resident rates, looking for patterns about which hotels offer the highest discounts, and which hotel chains still need work. We also showcase any amazing rates we find so that you may take advantage of the saving.

Going over the data can look confusing at first, but as you use the site you'll find that it's pretty straightforward. Hotels can be sorted a few different ways depending on your goal (highest discount, lowest price, etc). As you can see from the graph above, Marriott Hotels is doing a great job of supporting local Kamaaina. These are the sort of stats that easily let us see the benefit of aggregating Kamaaina rate data. Happy searching!